Ravite Showcase(music)

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Ravite Showcase(music)

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Hello, I would like to participate in your project, by creating ambient/orchestral soundtrack for exploring the beautiful lands of Tamriel! :D I was mostly doing the ambient/lo-fi tracks before, but I really like the Hans Zimmer style of music. The music of Morrowind/Skyrim is something I find very well made from music production perspective, and it sounds like a good challenge for me to take opportunity and take part in your project. For showcase I can show you 2 of my tracks that have been made strictly in this orchestral + ambient style of music.

First track is supposed to be for epic fights, with fast bpm and violin encouraging players to take a fight:


Second track was made based on inspiration I took while watching the showcase of Cyrodill. I imagined the churches with lots of colorful mosaic at night, and they provided me this darker tone of music:

https://soundcloud.com/user-61775486/cy ... Xs0se3NhDN

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