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Blueshift Quest Showcase

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First version of my quest showcase for PT.
Claim is here: viewtopic.php?p=22227

Has routes for completing the quest normally, completing it having killed the bandits before, and failing it if one or all of the orcs die.

  • Has a somewhat outdated Cyr_Main and Tamriel_Data as masters.
  • Ashur seems to get stuck a lot on the section of Atrene with lots of stairs and platforms. It's not super easy to navigate as a player either, but I wasn't sure if I had to fix this or leave it to an interior dev.
  • I'm fairly new to scripting, so there will probably be a lot of unoptimized or crappy script work. Sorry!
  • Left it vague what clan all the orcs are actually from, as I know very little orc lore or which clans might be suitable. If anyone has suggestions for this, then I can put them in.
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