My bug reports

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My bug reports

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Upon entering SHOTN through Skyrim Mission, I got this:" onclick=";return false;

The problem here is that every time an animation is missing, OpenMW stutters a bit and writes this error message. These are microstutters, but you shouldn't have missing idle animations in the first place. It's bad practice.

Then, after I stood there for quite some time, I got this:" onclick=";return false;

I don't even know what this is, but I think my FPS dropped quite a bit from it. Maybe the bird chirps? Seems like a huge problem. I issued a bug report for it here." onclick=";return false; Maybe disable the script until it's figured out, because people on TES3MP (OpenMW fork) will probably want to play SHOTN.

After that, I went into the first building and found this:" onclick=";return false;

Model appears to have no texture attatched? Normally if it were a missing texture it would be pink.

Bed in this interior has no collision." onclick=";return false;

More bad practice with missing animations." onclick=";return false;

I would like to elaborate. I believe this is the fault of the .nif file. The engine tries to play attack3, but the 3D artist did not add attack3 animation groups. This should be added, even if it's just a copy of attack1 or attack2.

Box for witherwheat seems too big." onclick=";return false;

Bip01 missing in cow?" onclick=";return false;

It seems it's referenced in .kf file but not found in .nif file. I know there are some weird ways of cutting corners with .nif files where you delete parts of it to reduce file size. But I wouldn't recommend such a practice for OpenMW, your creature will not only throw error messages, but also might not work. In this case the cow is walks in 1 place and never moves an inch forward.

Another attack3 missing. I'm starting to think this is common among all SHOTN creatures." onclick=";return false;

Not a bug, but the horses are incredibly loud.

This door on the second floor is missing a doormarker for the exterior cell. The exterior cell also has a door on the appropriate place, but is also missing a doormarker into the interior of this cell." onclick=";return false;

Floaty bits." onclick=";return false;

Wormmouth's cannot move, same issue as cows." onclick=";return false; and" onclick=";return false;

They are missing the bip01 in .nif that is referenced in .kf. I suspect they cannot move because bip01 would normally be the root bone and also the bone that determines how the creature moves forward.

More of a complaint, but I don't think that the flasks artistically fit into the other visuals. Time and time again they just don't look right next to other stuff." onclick=";return false;

This is a spot where I expected to have collision problems as soon as I saw it. And when I told Grandr to follow me to the forest as part of the quest, he expectedly gets stuck here. After some time I managed to get him to cross the wood, but the collision mesh could be smoother." onclick=";return false;

After I did the Grandr quest and killed my attackers, the foliage blocked looting him." onclick=";return false;

Throwing axes weigh too much. I think it would be better if they had 0.5 weight and more damage. Throwing weapons need some love in Morrowind and having 30 in your inventory is a whopping 90 units of weight. :( 30 would only last 1 or 2 enemies." onclick=";return false;

This statue's textures seem significantly more low res than its surroundings." onclick=";return false;

How did that horse get up there? :D" onclick=";return false;

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Post by destinedtodie »

Bump because I've edited the initial post quite a few times.

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Post by Yeti »

Thank you for your bug reports, destinedtodie. we appreciate you taking the time to test the mod with OpenMW. Compatibility with the new engine is very important to our project.

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