Adjustments to the Release area

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Adjustments to the Release area

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I'm not sure where else to put this. These are just adjustments I'd like to make to the release file, and errors I've seen while playtesting.

Braign Camp

- Add a few more dialogue topics
- Lower NPC base dispositions by 10 points to 30. These tribes-people should be unfriendly.


- Increase AI Wander distance setting for exterior NPCs so they wander around a wider radius/make the city feel more lively.
- Add a few more NPCs to the city exterior, particularly in empty spaces like the palace courtyard.
- Add pathgrids to the pastures so cows don't walk into fences.
- There's an extra space in the Redguard nudriman greeting.


- Garonk mentions himself in the someone in particular topic.
- Garonk mentions his wife Nauk in a little secret topic as if she's just some random person.
- Bjornir mentions himself in a little advice topic.
- Grandr walks in place on top of a chair.
- It's easy to get caught on furniture in Jander Brigand's House.
- One of the little secret topics has outdated Add Topic links "Skyrim lore" and "Jorhod's Lodge" in the results.

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