Solitude Forest and Valstaag Highlands

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Solitude Forest and Valstaag Highlands

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Solitude Forest

Rocks: Reach

Static flora:
Flora_BM_grass_03 and 06 common snowy grasses
T_Glb_Flora_ReedDry_** (+Groups and SNW) use near Hjaalmarch
T_Sky_Flora_BranchPine** fallen branches
T_Sky_Flora_BushPine** any snowy pine bushes can be used in the forest
T_Sky_Flora_TreePine1/2 the dominant tree of the region, use Pine1 for steeper areas and Pine2 for flatter areas
T_Sky_Flora_TreePine3 less common than Pine1/2, but there are still quite a few.

Container flora:
Flora_BM_Belladonna_** uncommon flower
Flora_BM_holly_ common bush
T_Sky_Flora_BksporeCp** uncommon mushroom found in shaded areas
T_Sky_Flora_Brideth** uncommon flower found in higher elevated snowy areas
T_Sky_Flora_CanisR01 uncommon plant that grows in rocky areas
T_Sky_Flora_DarkSage** common flower found in snowy/grassy areas
T_Sky_Flora_GrassPod** common coastal flora
T_Sky_Flora_IcyShell01 very common coastal mushroom. Most commonly found on seaweed patches surrounding rocks
T_Sky_Flora_KingBol**/T_Sky_Flora_KingBolSn** common mushroom found around trees
T_Sky_Flora_Lizardf01 rare fungus
T_Sky_Flora_Snowberry01 common bush
T_Glb_Flora_FlAmanita01 uncommon mushroom (mostly in south)

Land textures:
Tx_Skyrim_forestground_snow_02 would be good for giving variety to the pine texture areas
Tx_Skyrim_Deadgrass_Snow_01 snowy grass of higher elevation areas
T_Sky_TerrPineSnw_01 most of the forest already uses this texture, would not reccomend adding more
Tx_Skyrim_Rocky_Dirt_06 dirt for dry areas
T_Sky_TerrDirt_01 common dirt
Tx_Skyrim_TerrDirtBeatenPath_01 use for dirt roads
Sand for shores and shallow water
Sand_02 use farther out from land
T_Sky_TerrSeaweed_02 dry seaweed to be used between seaweed_03 and the forest
T_Sky_TerrSeaweed_03 wet seaweed to be used on the shore
Tx_Skyrim_Deadgrass_01 use near hjaalmarch

Valstaag Highlands

Rocks: Whiterun mainly, Reach rocks only on eastern/northern border.

Static flora:
T_Sky_Flora_TreePine1/2 Less frequent the further away from Solitude Forest you get
T_Sky_Flora_TreeLarch** Primary tree
T_Sky_Flora_TreeBirch** Primary tree

Container flora:
Flora_BM_Belladonna_** uncommon flower
T_Sky_Flora_CanisR01 uncommon
T_Sky_Flora_CarlineTh01 common
T_Sky_Flora_ForsythTr01 uncommon
T_Sky_Flora_KingThist** common
T_Sky_Flora_Taragetis** (proposed)
T_Sky_Flora_Trollroot01 (proposed)
T_Sky_Flora_Snowberry01 common bush
T_Sky_Flora_Widowkiss01 (proposed)

Land textures:
T_Sky_TerrGrassHF_** 3 common grasses
T_Sky_TerrDirt_01 common dirt
T_Sky_TerrDirtRE_05 uncommon dirt
T_Sky_TerrDirtbBeatenPath_01 dirt road for the region

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