9/25/20 Weekly Update

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9/25/20 Weekly Update

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Province: Cyrodiil

New asset developer joaonasc completed the muskrat model, added the animation for the rivernewt currently in Tamriel_Data, began working on the Ayleid sorcerer-king model, and submitted two new creatures: the tantha and alphyn.

Ayleid Sorcerer-King:

The tantha is a small, timid creature found on the Gold Coast and in the Colovian Highlands:

The alphyn is a ground-dwelling avian predator found in the Colovian Highlands:

Worsas provided an update on the Brumath armor set:

roerich has been making progress on the Principal Temple of Dibella in Anvil:

Pheonix12 is developing Anvil's Castle Umbranox:

Skyrim: Home of the Nords

Quests are the final blockers for the Dragonstar release:
  • Tristior recently completed the Dragonstar Mages Guild which is under review.
  • The next release will also see a Mages Guild hall added to Karthwasten; Charger24 is close to finishing that questline.
  • The Dragonstar Thieves Guild questline is under development by Kaiel.
  • The last two misc. quests for the city are close to being finished.
With the merge of Sundered Hills claim 16 (Fürst Thal), exterior work on Beorinhal section claims has been completed.

joaonasc has started developing the danswyrm, a viper native to Skyrim that has a deadly, persistent poison:

See a sample of Falkheim in this update from roerich:

Take an early look at spineinside's exterior cell containing Helrid Barrow:

Note: All content is WIP and may be changed before or after release!

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