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Website Update

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Greetings all!

Over the last two days I have been working on updating the forums to be a bit more user friendly, as well as major updates to the forum software and database.

We are now using phpBB 3.3.1. You can read more about it here.
In short though, it means it will be easier to maintain in the future, more secure, now supports notifications, and you should notice its a bit snappier.

As well as that we also now have support for a proper landing page and menu entries.
Both of which should be easy to alter. The idea here is to allow the site admin group to alter these pages as they wish. Without needing to contact me to make changes.
This should allow for a more active appearance to guests as well as being able to update, add and remove pages for things such as download links, Project Milestones on the landing page, partner links, screenshot and concept art pages, and much much more.

I have added preliminary support for custom colour schemes on each of the individual project forums. (These are set to change)
You should now notice that the default theme is orange, Province Cyrodiil is Gold, and SHotN is blue!

Speaking of making the site more user friendly. I have fixed a long standing issue with User Registration.
There should no longer be any issues receiving emails from the board when creating a new account or trying to reset your password.
I have also done away with the old spambot prevention and added a new Sorting Captcha which is easier for humans and still prevents bots.

I will be making minor changes here and there as time goes on. But hopefully people agree this has been a much needed change.

Cheers all!

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