Valstaag Highlands | Skaldring Mountains | Muranak (Sky_xWR_02) [Locked]

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Valstaag Highlands | Skaldring Mountains | Muranak (Sky_xWR_02) [Locked]

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Claim outlined as "WR_02" on the following map:
Region guide: viewtopic.php?f=89&t=2299

This claim covers the northeastern Valstaag Highlands area which acts as foothills for the Skaldring Mountains. In the northwestern 2 cells there is a very small amount of Reach rocks, while the rest of the claim will use Whiterun rocks. The Lake Ilanalta to Drajkmyr Marsh river bends around a hill in the west, through the neighboring claim WR_01. The terrain should be steep and hilly, and get snowier the further north/east you get. The Muranak tribe of Orcs settles this area, away from the mountain dirt road that joins Lainalten to Eldersblood Peak in the neighboring claim WR_03.

Points of Interest:
-Muranak Orc camp
-Small barrows and cave entrances
-A larger barrow complex or 2
-Cave entrances
-A grotto entrance on the river
-A mine on the road
-(???) Shrine on the river bend (need roerich input)
-A few nomadic Orcs (1 tent setups, akin to Grazelands Ashlanders)

Quick editor cutting script:
(gridX <-89 OR gridX >-86 OR gridY >15 OR gridY <10);
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