Kreathi Dale | Skaldring Mountains | Riverwood (Sky_xWR_07) [Locked]

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Kreathi Dale | Skaldring Mountains | Riverwood (Sky_xWR_07) [Locked]

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Claim outlined as "WR_07" on the following map:
Region guide: viewtopic.php?p=18111#p18111

Description pending

Points of interest:
- Riverwood
- Bleak Falls Barrow
- Bleak Falls waterfall
- Water mill (in Falkreath style)

A modest logging village and the southernmost settlement belonging to White Hold. The layout should be reminiscent of TES V. Riverwood has fared relatively better than more northern Whiterun settlements, due to it being shielded by the Skaldring mountains and further away from droughts and floods. Because of this, Riverwood has seen an influx of refugees taking shelter in and around the village. Some of them on their way to Falkreath and beyond. This should be reflected in a couple of poor tent camps around the village. But seeing as the Skaldring Mountains and especially the area north of Riverwood is crawling with Hörme bandits, the village sees raids and attacks from time to time. Some signs of battle and damage could be shown, perhaps a burnt down house or three.

Locked - Pending Whiterun architecture set

Quick editor cutting script:
(gridX <-83 OR gridX >-79 OR gridY >5 OR gridY <0) OR
(gridX =-79 AND gridY =1) OR
(gridX =-79 AND gridY =0);
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