Kreathi Vale | Helgen (Sky_xFa_04) [joanasc]

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Kreathi Vale | Helgen (Sky_xFa_04) [joanasc]

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Claim outlined as "Fa_04" on the following map:
Region guide: viewtopic.php?p=18111#p18111

A forested low hilly area of Falkreath with lowland glacial rivers. The town Helgen sits at the bend of the eastern, shallow river. To the east, the Throat of the World region rises.

Points of interest:
- Helgen

Helgen is a rising trade city in eastern Kreathi Dale on the foothills of the Throat of the World region. In a couple of centuries, it has grown from a chartered trading post built in a preexisting Nordic hamlet to an actual city, full of taverns, craftsmen and traders. The economy is based on trade, trapping, logging and mining. Recently it is suffering a lack of caravaner activity due to the situation in Whiterun. This has made Helgen attempt to get in on the river trade rather than rely completely on the overland routes going to Whiterun and Hrothgar. Because of this, a new satellite dock is about to be constructed on Lake Ilinalta. The player might play a part in this development.

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