The Shatterbones clan

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The Shatterbones clan

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Two semi-rare books, about a clan of the Pale and its history. Written for a personal mod and translated to feat in PT.

Can be found in Danstrar, the clan household and in Hightrock?

The Shatterbones clan,
History of a Pale household.
by Vrygga Shatterbones, skald
First Half, The Founder
The glorious story of the Shatterbones clan started more than 150 years ago, during the Hart-King invasion of Hightrock.
The undead legions of the Camoran Usurper just conquered a little kingdom named Dwynnen, and other Breton nobles were forming a massive army to destroy that unholy ost. Along Breton soldiers, were some mercenaries.
The First of the Shatterbones was one of them.

Steo Strong-Belt was a wandering young Nord, aiming to explore Tamriel. When the war broke out, he was in Kambria and answered the King's call of arm. He battled waves of undeads on land and at sea and was one the thousands unrecorded heroes of that time.
Tamriel'd have completely forgotten him now, albeit for two things.

During the war, our ancestor saved and befriended a Bhoriane noble, Lord Uthore of House Nivôse. As a reward, Lord Uthore granted Steo "Bonecrusher", a mighty warhammer forged of silver and steel.
Thanks to his new weapon and friend, Steo Strong-Belt put many undeads to rest, and even slew Uurgrenohk, a powerful Giant from Ykalon, killed and rised by the Usurper's minions.

Helped by House Nivôse, Steo Strong-Belt came back to Danstrar as a rich man. He built his longhouse and marry Fjotli Flaxenbraid, founding the Shatterbones clan.
Second Half, the Descendants
As soon as the Shatterbones clan was established, Steo built a ship and for years, sailed from Dawnstar to Iliac Bay, while his wife raised their children and hunted games and snow tigers. Before their children became adults, the Shatterbones clan was an established merchant household of fur and western products.
At the death of Steo, his son Hodstag became the second head of the Shatterbones clan. But he died a few years later, when his boat sank during a journey to Kambria. His younger sister Jolinne, became the third head.
Jolinne was known as the "Wolftamer", and famous for fighting alongside a big gray wolf while holding Bonecrusher, her family heirloom. She never took part in Uriel V campain, but helped to maintain peace in Skyrim while the Legions were away. Under her rule and those of her son and grandson, the clan thrived.

Agnard the Unbearded (or Agnard Mer-face for his enemies), son of Jolinne, was the more involved into our relationship with House Nivôse. It's thanks to him that our friendship is still alive. After his daughter Noomi's death in childbirth, her husband Torolf succeeded him, supported by his stepbrother Ramnir. But Torolf soon followed her wife, and Ramnir became the sole head of the clan.

His leadership, during chaotic times, was exemplary. He followed his father and sister's footsteps and maintained contacts with our allies. Their work bore fruits decades later, during the Simulacrum, when ships from Bhoriane still docked to Danstrar.

Ramnir met his end ten years ago, in the tragedy that recently plagued our Breton friends. Since the Warp and the loss of most of their family, we lended our strenght to the survivors of House Nivôse. Ramnir died in Hightrock, trying to put the warped husks of our friends to rest.

Our actual heads are Sturni the Old (son of Torolf and Noomi) and his wife Fjola "the Witch of Danstrar Glacier". Their heir, Adding the Stout is Bonecrusher bearer and our first warrior. With them to guide us, we will prosper for years to come.

Long live the Shatterbones clan!

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