Sea of Ghosts | Laugyr (Sky_xSG_05) [Locked]

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Sea of Ghosts | Laugyr (Sky_xSG_05) [Locked]

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Claim marked as "Sg_05" on the following map:

An extremely remote island nearly equidistant between Roscrea and Tamriel, Laugyr is barren and windswept, with no sign of permanent habitation. The only point of note on the island is a standing stone dedicated to Hjalmer, one of Ysramor's Five Hundred who died a hero's death en route to Skyrim. Hjalmer's tomb can also be found on the island.

Sea of Ghosts region guide pending

Points of interest:
- Hjalmer's Rest (large standing stone)
- Nordic tomb
- 1-2 grottoes

Locked pending availability of Sea of Ghosts (Roscrea) rocks
A far green country, under a swift sunrise

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