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ID & Naming Guidelines

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Work in Progress

All assets that are created in SHOTN, whether in Sky_Main or an individual claim, should follow this general format:


Sky_: All assets unique to SHOTN are given the Sky_ prefix
i: "Interior" (or "q" for "Quest" or "x" for "Exterior")
Re: The Hold
KW: Location (or region if outside a settlement)
Hadnar: The object/NPC

The above ID is for Brognar, a non-quest NPC in an interior in Karthwasten in the Reach. If he had his own local script, its ID would be:


Assets used in quests follow a slightly modified ID pattern where the location portion has additional numbers specifying the quest ID:


Journal entries for quests look like this:


Quest chains have additional letters added to the quest ID:


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