[PC_q2_GC08_Journal] Clisius' Lucky Dagger [WellTemperedClavier]

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[PC_q2_GC08_Journal] Clisius' Lucky Dagger [WellTemperedClavier]

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PC_q2_GC08_Journal - Clisius' Lucky Dagger

Quest Description:

Clisius Hermontar, one of the fishermen in the shacks east of Anvil accidentally knocked his lucky dagger over into the river the other day, and he's been complaining about it ever since. He's looked for it, but it must've washed downstream, and he'll tell you that Miris saw the whole thing if you don't believe him. His neighbor, Miris, asks you to follow the river and see if you can't find it for him so that he'll stop moaning about it. You'll find the dagger washed up on the shore of the island that sits at the river's mouth guarded by a land dreugh, which apparently has decided to claim it as his own. Kill or evade the dreugh, grab the dagger, and return it to the fisherman. You'll get some fish as a reward for your efforts.

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I'm interested in doing this quest.

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