[PC_q2_Anv12_Journal] Daughter of a Marksman [Unclaimed]

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[PC_q2_Anv12_Journal] Daughter of a Marksman [Unclaimed]

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PC_q2_Anv12_Journal - "Daughter of a Marksman"

Quest Description

Thena Inventius wants to be just like her old man, but her father thinks she's not ready for hunting - especially not on her own. She's heard rumors of an Alphyn coming down from the Colovian Highlands. Help her hunt it down to prove that she's capable. Meet her east of Brina Cross, track down the beast, and kill it with her. If you do, give her a day and she'll be back at her house, where her father will thank you for chaparoning her, giving you a small reward for your trouble. If she died during the quest, her father will no longer offer Marksmanship training, and both him, his wife, and Ermar Tobvarsen the Harbormaster (who is staying with them and is a close friend of the family) will all take a severe hit to their disposition. A rumor will also begin to circulate about how some moron (player race) got Pinarus' daughter killed.

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