Pirosmani99 Interior Showcase

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Pirosmani99 Interior Showcase

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Here's my interior showcase. The cell name is "Pirosmani99's House" and its inhabitant would be a common Dunmer woman who lives alone but has invited a few friends round for a drink and a mudcrab sandwich (they've all conveniently stepped outside just now). Before her friends came round she was darning one of her shirts upstairs. The house is decorated with several tapestries, probably family heirlooms.
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int needs to fit an ext before I can do a proper review.

Take a look at the ex_hlaalu_b assets and see which one you want to fit your int to. The closest I can see is a b_17, you'll need to move the door on the bottom floor around and add one to the top floor. But that is the shell that with fit with the least amount of work.

From a glance though this int is also quite sparse, could do with a bit more cluttering to fill the place out some more. I also noticed the pathgrid has waaay too many nodes. Take a look at a similar cell's pathgrid for an idea of how many there should be. Try to get the number of nodes as low as possible.
As a rule of thumb, try to make it so every walkable surface is in arms reach of either a path or a node, for this cell that can be achieved using just 8 nodes.

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