Province Cyrodiil Meeting Notes June 4th, 2022

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Province Cyrodiil Meeting Notes June 4th, 2022

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Province Cyrodiil Meeting Notes

-Anvil quest survey. What factions should be playable and/or joinable in this release?
-Discussion on the Proposed Int Claims.
-Cyrodiilic Knightly Orders for the Counties. Yay or Nay?
-Stirk REDO

Anvil quest survey:
Tamrielic Guilds

-MG and TG are waiting for some things but are otherwise good. FG is sitting on unclaimed.

-Minor Guildhalls in Anvil; Astrologers, Ratcatchers, Painters, and Merchants, will get 1-2 quests each. Painters Guild’s proposed questline will be folded down into a single quest. All minor Tamrielic Guilds will get a “T_Glb” faction in Data, to be used by all provinces. They’ll each get 4 or 5 generic ranks and while faction reactions to specific factions is not out of the question, they shouldn’t get faction reactions to everything, or even most things.

Imperial Legion, Navy, and the Cult

-The Great Faiths faction, aka the Imperial Cult, will receive the following quests:
A) 1 Lay Quest in the Temple of Kynareth in Stirk
B) 1 Lay Quest in the Temple of Mara in Brina Cross
C) 3-4 Lay Questlines in High Temple of Dibella (each being 3-4 Lay Quests each)
D) A mid-high level questline in the High Temple of Dibella, 3 of which will be in the Anvil Release, with more being added when the required areas are implemented.

-Strand’s Legion quests are being kept, but the recommendation letter part will be scrapped. The player should be able to just join the Legion there, as well as any of the other major Forts for their respective Counties (Fort Strand being the major Fort in County Anvil).

-West Navy was decided to be joinable and get somewhere between 3 and 5 quests for the Anvil Release, given by a minor officer there. More will be available for the Sutch release.
For Future Release: Add 1 or 2 tiny islands to the Abecean for West Navy quest location purposes.

Colo-Nordic Lords, Imperial Curia, Return of the Shore King, Oh My!

-The Colo-Nordic Lords, Curia, and Nibenese Hierophants will all be mutually exclusive factions to a degree.
-Colo-Nordic Lords should be joinable, and both the Anvil and Sutch questlines should be faction questlines for them. Anvil will get a low level mini-questline (3-5 quests) for them that you’ll have to do prior to getting access to the Shore-King questline, as otherwise players will be able to just jump into the big questline of the release at level 1 without having to do anything but talk to someone.

-There was no visible opposition to Knightly Orders in Anvil or in Colovia in general, meaning a Knightly Order will need to be made for Anvil, Kvatch, Skingrad, Chorrol, and Bruma. They would be part of the Colo-Nordic Lords faction and not get their own faction in data. Discussion on the name of Anvil’s Knightly Order, or whether or not Nibenay should have them (and if so, what would they be, would they even act like Knightly Orders? Etc), were shelved for another time. With the latter being more so a question to pose for Infragris.

-There will be 2 NPCs who will offer membership in the Anvil Release to the Colo-Nordic Lords faction. They will be the head of the Knightly Order in Anvil and someone on Stirk. It was decided against Dairihil (Countess Millona’s Steward) offering membership because she’s a bosmer and that’d be weird.

-Stirk’s MQ was briefly brought up. Some ideas about gatekeeping it behind one, both, or all 3 of the political factions based on what pathways you choose, as well as ideas about gatekeeping it to Colo-Nordic Lords faction entirely. Nothing was decided.

-The Imperial Curia will be getting approx. 3-4 quests. As the Imperial Curia and Colo-Nordic Lords will be mutually exclusive, a decision was made that the Colo-Nordic Lords faction content will only be blocked off for those of rank 2 or higher – which Curia content featured in the Anvil release will not allow the player to rise to. This way you can be part of the Curia without cutting yourself off of the biggest questline (In levels of importance) in County Anvil – if only for the Anvil release.
Anvil Release Interiors
Anvil Interior replacement list:
NOTE: Many of these locations will naturally need their NPCs moved, dialogue edited, etc. Some of the NPCs can be scrapped or repurposed, some are quest NPCs that can not be scrapped or repurposed in way that would keep the quest intact. Proceed with caution. The new residencies of these important NPCs are for the most part TBD.

-TBD Apartment building -> Imperial Geographical Society office.

-Cularyia’s Apartments -> Guild of Astrologers, completely replace the existing interior.

-Inventius’ House -> Merchant’s Guild, Thena will be moved to a separate apartment than her parents.

-West Wind Lodgings -> Abecean Trading Company

-Canal West Tenaments -> Indoor marketplace, primarily for the lowerclass and visiting merchants. The name “Abecean Bazaar” was suggested.

-Seaside Flophouse East -> Hostel of Saint Rosunius, a Hostel named after a minor Imperial Saint.

-Talanius’ Apartments -> The Abecean Monitor Newspaper, completely replace the current interior.

-Seaside Flophouse West -> Guild of Ratcatchers, should retain most of the interior – just with new clutter.

New Ships Ported at Anvil:

-One of the int-less longboats docked in Anvil will be swapped out with a Rga Medium-sized trade vessel.

-An expansion to Fort Telodrach’s docks was proposed, as well as a new Navy ship or two. No consensus was reached.

NOTE: The following proposals are heavily dependent on whether or not the ship assets are finished in time.

-The Marcia would be replaced with a Rga trade vessel, using the assets donated by TES3A. The Marcia interior will be used elsewhere.

-The Hearthrend will be moved to the village of Seppaki in the Sutch Release, a Breton ship will replace it.

-A Bosmeri Bone ship will be placed near a currently unused part of the docks.

New Dungeons for the Gold Coast:

The Gold Coast is a bit lacking in dungeon density, with multiple sizeable chunks of cells lacking a single dungeon, and many of the dungeons currently in the Gold Coast being utilized by various quests. As a result, you’re more likely to stumble upon a dungeon that you’ll have to return to later than otherwise, and that dungeon will be the only dungeon for a cell or two in either direction. In total, 7 Dungeons were approved. Here is a list of proposed new dungeons that were approved:
[PC_i2-300] Goblin Cave 1


Small Cave, home to a few members of the Broken Fang Tribe of Goblins. There should be a dead bandit or two near the entrance. Location would be somewhere in between Brina Cross, Fort Strand, and Gosha Inn.
[PC_i2-301] Goblin Cave 2


Medium Cave, home to quite a few high level members of the Broken Fang Tribe of Goblins. Maybe a Tantha or two within a pen the goblins are attempting to train as a pet. Should have an (optional) underwater portion with lots of Slaughterfish. Location would be somewhere along the eastern half of those lakes.

[PC_i2-302] Spider Cave


Medium Cave, once, this cave was the hideout for a group of bandits, but now, spider webs are everywhere, as are the corpses of those bandits who lived here before the giant spiders had taken over. Location would be somewhere around Miris Farm and Gweden Farms, south of the Petty Strid River.

[PC_i2-303] Colovian Barrow


Medium Colovian Barrow, long-since ransacked, but still retaining a few trinkets towards the end. Somewhere along the western coast (seriously, outside of the one right next to Ivrol Estate, there are 0 Barrows west of Anvil City's eastern most cells or alongside any of the Cyrodiilic coast in the PC_Anvil Section file. It looks really weird on the map).

[PC_i2-304] Reman Ruin


Medium-ish Reman Ruin, on the low-end of "medium" and mostly collapsed. Once acted as a twin, of sorts, to one on the Valenwood side of the Strid. Undead, bats, etc are found in abundance, as well as some valuables that you'll only really be able to get with Telekinesis, as large portions are partially or completely collapsed. Location would be somewhere between Agi Bay and Broken Shrine on the map, along the Strid bank.

[PC_i2-305] Underwater Grotto


Small grotto full of Dreugh. Somewhere in the river, where the Petty Strid Feeds into the ocean next the island Olomachus is on (IMO it doesn't matter if it's in the northern fork or the southern fork).

[PC_i2-306] Abandoned Crypt


Small-medium Imperial Crypt of some irrelevant and/or long-since-dead noble familiy that existed in Anvil prior to the Camoran Usurper's rampage. Full of undead. Somewhere in the southern portion of the Gold Coast.

Stirk REDO
-The new plan is the old plan. Stirk will be moved closer to the docks. Reference culling for the underwater areas surrounding Stirk will be an ongoing project to improve performance (the town culling will also help with that), though not specifically tied to the REDO project itself. The goal is to not only make Stirk better & more practical, but to make sure it’s not performing atrociously anymore. Adding more Shipwrecks and grottos is also welcome, but for post-release only, as there’s already enough to do as is.

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