[Book] Riddles good with mead [Merged]

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[Book] Riddles good with mead [Merged]

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A book of Nord riddles. Common in Skyrim. One in each inns and taverns?
By Jyrrul Meadspitter of the Bard College

Herein are presented all manner of Nord riddles, to enjoy a good mead-filled night.

I touch your feet
And Hoaga's mouth
I spawn unruled
At Drajkmyr's Hold
I'm worth nothing but for a bird
I hide a hoard of mites and worms

C: a swamp, a rotten fur, the mud, a burlap bag
A: the Mud

I lurk and prowl
No squeak nor howl
Quiet like snow
I move on strips
But my flesh is plowed
Under a Nord's grip

C: a Falmer, a rat, a danswyrm viper, a fish
A: a Falmer

I roll on tongues
I lit fire
I make world shake
And deadmen wake
Few can endure my might
But without me the holds are filled with plights

C: Thu'um, mead, oil, poison
A: mead (have a toast after this one)

I can be heavy or light,
Sorrowful or happy.
Surrounded by strings but unshackled,
Imprisonned on humid cages but untamable.
Quick to escape I fly the wind,
I grow and spread unbound by walls.

C: the frost, a wraith, a bird, a song,
A: a song
The "C:" stands for "Choices" if we want to use them in dungeons or dialogues. "A:" is for Answer. Both need to be removed from the in game version (along with the choices).

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