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Reach Map

Post by roerich »

A map static or misc item. To be hung on walls or put on tables (like the council room in Elfstone Keep). Showing The Reach and some of the Western Reach/Dragontails.

WIP version here


Source: ... _names.jpg" onclick=";return false; and our Section Map thread.

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Post by worsas »


Edit: i.e. nice work!

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Post by Luxray »

Very cool
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Post by Scamp »

This is nice. I could see this working as a misc item that we can put somewhere and players may pick it up. Or perhaps have it as a static and also create a book version that has the map on two pages?

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Post by spineinside »

pretty thing,
would be very useful in gameplay, was thinking about these kind of maps having their black print "corroded" a little.

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