L:AZ Dungeons Guidelines

Caves, tombs, grottos, ruins, hideouts, etc
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L:AZ Dungeons Guidelines

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This sub-forum is dedicated to the creation of new dungeons for Lyithdonea. Unfortunately, I don't have a detailed claim system set up at the moment, so if you are interested in contributing a dungeon (which I would greatly appreciate!), then you will need to work fairly independently. I suggest making a thread simply titled like "User Name's Dungeon Claims" to discuss what you are working on and to attach your claims once complete or WIP and ready for feedback.

I use the term "dungeon" fairly loosely here. What I am looking for includes a wide variety of things: caves, Velothi tombs, grottos, Daedric ruins, ex-Fighter's Guild thugs hideouts, Padomaic (Black) Pirate dens, etc. Fauna-inhabited dungeons like what you find in Skyrim are welcome. Instead of bandits, I have ex-Fighter's Guild thugs and Padomaic Pirates (good things to ask about in the lore forum! lol).

I have the following types of dungeons planned so far (followed by their primary tileset and inhabitants):

Tombs - velothi - sacred undead
Grottos - cavern - underwater creatures
Daedric ruins - daedric - Daedra
Bandit hideouts - assorted - ex-Fighter's Guild thugs
Pirate dens - assorted - Padomaic (Black) Pirates
Skyrim-style natural caves - cavern - animals
Scabrous Residuum dungeons - stronghold/cavern - necromancers & unholy undead

I know there are an absolute metric ton of IDs to look through in the MD_Azurian Isles.esm (even I don't remember everything in there which is why there are some with 0 uses...). So feel free to ask about resources or just poke around for a while before starting. I'd like to see unique resources made for the mod being used in interiors to help differentiate them from other projects. And if you see a need while you are modding, just let me know (post your suggestion in the Asset Development sub-forum which is currently named Models & Textures).

For caves especially I would like to see the az_in_cave_ pieces used a lot to differentiate the caves from their vanilla counterparts. See "Azurian Isles, Hataz Cave" (by Darkelfguy) for an example of an ex-Fighter's Guild hideout - pretty typical bandits. See az_NPC_pirate_ NPCs for examples of pirates. No dungeons made for them yet (but the strongruin in 56,-25 is planned to be a pirate den if you're interested in taking a crack at it). Odds are the pirates are going to require some new assets to make their areas more "piratey", so feel free to make suggestions.

That's it for now. Feel free to ask questions in this thread before starting your own claim thread.

May you find all that you seek, traveller.
-Melchior Dahrk

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