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Showcase Guidelines

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All Showcases must be dependent upon the Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon .ESM's. Every showcase should also be cleaned with TESAME or some other .esp cleaning utility. Each showcase should us the PC_ prefix for each new item created within the .esp, from quest names to cell names this is an important habit to get into. Each showcase will go through a three strike revision process upon submission, this means that once submitted you have two more opportunities to fix any mistakes found in your showcase file. If errors persist through three drafts of any showcase we will ask that you create a brand new file for submission keeping in mind the errors that were present in your first showcase attempt. This is to help you in learning how to create a mod that is up to the standards of Province: Cyrodiil, we will help you with constructive criticism on your way to becoming a Province: Cyrodiil modder. Each member goes through the same process, so do not get discouraged if it takes a few tries to get accepted. We all started somewhere and many of us had to go through several mods before reaching our current ability levels.

Interior Showcases:
For an interior showcase, members should create a two story interior using an interior tileset (no pre-made interior shells). The interior should fit into an exterior that already exists in the TES III Morrowind Construction Set (CS). The best tileset to work with when creating an interior showcase is the Hlaalu tileset, but any building tileset is acceptable (no caves!). The showcase should display the ability to properly rotate items to match the surfaces they reside upon in game. To accomplish this the de_p set of furniture is the best set to use to truly showcase your ability to rotate items within the CS. Make sure to have at least 100 references within your interior as well, this will prove sufficient in terms of rotation assessment.

Exterior Showcases:
For an exterior showcase, members should create a six cell exterior using the Bethesda created (vanilla) environments. An exterior showcasing at least one region transition would be preferable as many of the claims that will become available will need transitional areas between regions. The exterior should pay close attention to detail and shading, as well as have a natural look to it. A good rule of thumb for an exterior is to have, at the minimum, no less than 200 references per cell. Otherwise, try to keep it above 250 so that each individual cell is intriguing and beautiful.

Modeling Showcases:
For modeling showcases we want to see an example of your skills with 3D models that fit in the Cyrodiil environment. A good idea for a modeling showcase would be to look through our concept art and create a model based on some of the designs detailed for Cyrodiil. Be sure that each model created is in line with the models found within the vanilla game in terms of vertices and textures. For more information on modeling contact any of our modelers. Currently Tarius is the leader of our modeling crew and can give you more details on what we want to see from our modelers.

Questing/NPC Showcases:
For quest/NPC showcases we want to see a functioning quest. It should include some scripting to show what you are capable of. The quests should follow the dialogue style of the vanilla game in flavor and content (meaning the you need to use American English when writing your quests dialogue, use color instead of colour for example). Be sure to check your quest for grammar and spelling errors.

If no one replies after a week or two, bump your showcase!

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