Regional and enviromental sounds

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Regional and enviromental sounds

Post by berry »

Here are some sounds I've found that might work well for SHotN; what do you think? Everything is up to discussion of course; these are just proposals to present how I imagine the atmosphere of each region. We probably don't need all of them too.

  • vanilla wind/trees
  • vanilla BM Wilderness sounds
  • vanilla wolfhowl
  • Basically, this Skyrim mod:" onclick=";return false;? I have some other wolf howls found too, but they are nowhere near that good; we can use them if we don't get permissions for these one though
NORTH SHORE Activators/creatures * this sound is almost unused in vanilla MW; it's a sound of a distant goat-like howl, but it's frankly of rather low quality. Still, I couldn't find anything better in the Web for a distant goat sound, so we might as well use this one

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Post by worsas »

I, personally, like the Grassland Ambience, the queer bird singing, the chirping insects and the distant seagulls/ducks for region sounds. The other ones seem too indicative of nearby creatures to me.

Actually the distant seagulls/ducks sound coulisse feels perfect for Stirk to me. The single crow sound could be attached to a flying crow creature, when we have it. I'll possibly look into animating that bloodmoon raven someday. I'd love to have some of these in the Druadach Highlands and Sundered Hills one day.

The ocean wave sounds could be attached to a soundmarker and maybe be put along cliff shores or in other chosen places to imitate a more aggressive sea.

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Post by Moritius »

Some sounds would be cool; they need to be processed though. Mostly removing hissing/background noises (as well as some equalisation/normalization maybe).
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Post by R-Zero »

There are other unused vanilla files that could be implemented:


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