Faction: Sogat Dur-Gada

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Faction: Sogat Dur-Gada

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The Sogat Dur-Gada is a insurgent Redguard faction, operating in the parts of the Reach conquered by Skyrim during the War of Bend'r Mahk. Their name can be loosely translated to "Eastern Rebel Wave". They were formed during the siege of Karthwasten in 3E398, when it became clear that the city was lost.

Their organization is very loose, fractured into multiple autonomous splinter cells. The two main ringleaders are located in Dragonstar and Karthwasten. A number of smaller groups operate and hide in the wilderness. In total, they number about 40-50 individuals.

The rebels are secretly sponsored by parts of Crown nobility (both in the Reach and in other parts of Hammerfell), while they officially denounce their actions as barbary. They are also sponsored and helped by sympathizers in both Karthwasten and Dragonstar. Other than that, they fund their activities by acts of extortion and kidnapping of (somewhat) innocent citizens, merchants, nobles etc.

They are still quite controversial even among Redguard populations in the cities. Their methods are brutal, and they are as ruthless towards perceived collaborators as to the invaders themselves. At one point they tried to poison the wells in Karthwasten's richer quarters, which would've led to many deaths.

Attributes: Speed, Agility
Major: Sneak, Long Blade, Short Blade, Security
Misc: Light Armor, Alchemy, Acrobatics, Athletics

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Post by Texafornian »

Some ideas for ranks:

Associate, Hireling, Rebel, Clanfriend, Clansman, Walker, Surface-Walker, Shadow, Serpent, Arch-Serpent

Initiate, Runner, Sleeper, Influencer, Rebel, Overseer, Signaler, Listener, Serpent, Crowned Serpent

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