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SHotN Religion Mechanics

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Discussion on Discord about how the Nordic religion will be mechanically represented in the game. The thought is to keep shrines as activators, but vary their presentation and location much more than in the vanilla game.

Shrines to the Hearth-Gods (Kyne, Mara, Dibella) will generally be found in their temples.
  • Kyne's temples are found on mountain tops, and attended by her priestesses or fryse hags
  • Mara's temples are found in the homes of witches, near villages and towns
  • Dibella temples are found in large towns, in the home of an important woman
They might offer healing as well as a relevant buff, and won't be cost money but rather be a once-a-day affair.

There will be a range of other shrines and memorials at places of interest across Skyrim, some popular and others forgotten. These too will offer a buff to the player when activated.

At the moment, we need to design and create models for all these shrines. We also need little murti assets that can be placed in Nordic homes.

Here are the locations of proposed shrines:
  • Sjorod's House, Karthwasten - Temple of Dibella (make it a couple's home, maybe KW dialogue pointing to it)
  • House, -99 19 - Temple of Mara (this is the house in the forest near Markarth. Could be a witch's house)
  • Underworld entrance, -110 23 - shrine to Sovngarde or Shor
  • House, -103 12 - Temple of Mara (nothing here right now, but a witch's house near Karthgad could work
  • House of Mara, Dragonstar - Temple of Mara (an urban, Imperialised witch might run this place)
  • Mount Snowhawk - Temple of Kyne

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