Song of the Wreath-Queen (scroll)

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Song of the Wreath-Queen (scroll)

Post by Violet » Tue May 28, 2019 6:11 am

Song of the Wreath-Queen

by Talbyord the Fickle

[Taken from a variety of incomplete oral verse and chorus found across Skyrim.]

And by baret and spin, the northern wind blows,
through Kyne's breath we spoke to a mother's glow.
The Wreath-Queen's hair still glimmers and grows,
Down to her knees, the hair did flow.
Until one morning a seer witnessed her frown,
As she walked in endless gown.
That night she thrashed throughout the town,
Raking the halls and tumbling down.
The fallen had come to take back her seat,
As her hair grew white like a frightened sheep.
The heart of the queen lay quiet as sleet,
By the sight of her unknown, with a promise to keep.

When hallowed throne, lay defiled and barren,
The forgotten will rise from ice and cairn.
The seat of winter wreaths will come to an end,
And the chords of beginnings will speak of a rend.
To all those sway in the wreaths,
Beware the gaze of those lie beneath.
And to those who mind the Wreath-Queen's heirs,
Be hopeful that Kyne will return you to air.

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