Drathar's High Rock Concept Art

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Drathar's High Rock Concept Art

Post by Drathar » Sun Sep 08, 2019 11:42 am

Here I will posting every concept art I make for HR.


Here's three armors form diferent regions of High Rock. Depending on location armors have unique look. I want to catch accretions from neibhour provinces. E.g. Jehanna low class noble armor bring to minde typical barbarian outfit from near Skyrim. Noble from Evermoor have equipment inspired by Varangian Guard due to close proximity to Hammerfell, so I find interesting to make more egsotique design, but still with knightly feel. And the most classic medieval armor, Wayrest noble set is typical medieval stuff. I like idea of helmets with mask, so I create somehow intriguing design.

PS. Please forgive me my terrible language skills, I hope we can find way to communicate. Being part of this project can help me with improve my English, so don't be mad on me guys if I write somethnig incorrectly! ;)

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