Refurbishment Claim PC_i2-24: Gula Cave/Ayleid Ruin[Unclaimed]

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Refurbishment Claim PC_i2-24: Gula Cave/Ayleid Ruin[Unclaimed]

Post by Kaiel » Thu Oct 31, 2019 12:30 pm

This claim is to create an interior of a quality, tone, and style consistent with the other interiors created for Anvil Section. The original claim will be included in the thread. The claimant can use as much or as little of the original as they wish, whether only as inspiration or trying to fix the original, as long as a quality result is delivered.
24. Gula Cave/Ayleid Ruin
Gula Cave has been overrun by goblins, including the Ayleid ruin within. The ruin used to be a remote hunting lodge for the Sorceror-King of Garlas Agea.
a. Goblins
b. Welkynd Spirits
c. Aurorans and other daedra
d. Redeemed Servants

Infragris' notes:
PC_i2-24 Gula Cave
Small cave that turns into an Ayleid ruin halfway through. Contains a couple of goblin things, but otherwise very sparse.
NOTE: uses tribunal goblin stuff: was this permitted or are we adamant about only using our own goblin gear?
NOTE: Spruce up the place with more ayleid furn stuff once it it ported
NOTE: maybe shift focus from goblin to pure Ayleid - daedra, spirits etc. Lot of gobbo stuff already
Additional notes:
I think expanding the cave and Ayleid areas both and separating them into two cells would go a long way. Have the Goblins mostly in the cave area, with a little barricade set up at the outer Ayleid area and then go Daedra and spirits in the Ayleid interior.
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