Refurbishment Claim PC_i2-29: Lost Stars Hollow/Nefa[Unclaimed]

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Refurbishment Claim PC_i2-29: Lost Stars Hollow/Nefa[Unclaimed]

Post by Kaiel » Thu Oct 31, 2019 1:03 pm

This claim is to create an interior of a quality, tone, and style consistent with the other interiors created for Anvil Section. The original claim will be included in the thread. The claimant can use as much or as little of the original as they wish, whether only as inspiration or trying to fix the original, as long as a quality result is delivered.
29. Lost Stars Hollow/Nefa
Lost Stars Hollow is a cave with Welkynd crystals growing in it. Nefa is an Ayleid mine/ Welkynd farm buried in the cave.
a. Welkynd Spirits
b. Aurorans and other daedra
c. Redeemed Servants
Notes: I'd suggest expanding the cave slightly by adding more ravines and unreachable areas, with welkynds glowing at the bottoms of the ravines and on far walls, to really lean into the "Lost Stars" name. The layout of Nefa is also quite anticlimactic and nonsensical compared to the impressive exterior. Rationalizing the layout and sprucing it up with some loot and new furniture, etc will go a long way. Infragris also noted a possible puzzle or quest to open the place up, so making it more undisturbed than most Ayleid ruins would be a plus.
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