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DSW Mages Guild [Luxray]

Post by Texafornian » Sun Nov 03, 2019 9:00 pm

The DSW chapter of the Mages Guild has seen better days. Declining membership, a distrustful Redguard populace in DSW, and general border and admininstration hassles have hamstrung the chapter.

Quests should thus focus on:
- Intro: mundane stuff
- Maintaining or increasing membership
- Improving public perception by stamping out "unlicensed" and "unfavorable" magicks
- Overcoming Dragonstar split-related bureaucratic and physical obstacles

* Background: You're handed over to the alchemist Harelia to help her out.
* An Imperial arbitrator stationed at Taurus Hall seized Harelia's research.
* You can:
- Blackmail him into giving you the research (letter in his quarters suggests that he is giving travel papers for favors)
- Persuade him to give you the research
- Find more ingredients

* Background: Harelia sends you to Haimtir to get some insight into Reachman alchemy.
* Seek out Aynoc in Haimtir's Great Hallowhall.
* Aynoc will give you samples of her work if you deliver X to the matriarch of Criaglorc.

* Background: Harelia's new hire has decided to prove his worth by fighting in the arena.
* Harelia tells you to go save this guy so she isn't short an assistant.
* You are given travel papers to cross over into DSE.
* You can:
- Encourage the new hire to fight (you won't actually see him fight)
- Convince the new hire to forfeit
- Offer to take the new hire's place in the arena (if you haven't been barred from fighting)

* Background: Need to build popular support for the MG in Dragonstar.
* Investigate Malrec (bookseller) AND
* Help a local with some magic-related problem

* Background: Now that you (and possibly guy from #2) have advanced, it's time to add one more to the Guild's ranks.
* Go to Karthwasten and find Davanna and recruit her.
* Do her quest (or account for already having completed it).
* She tells you that she'll pack her things and head out.

* Background: An annoying Direnni (Ciirarril Direnni) has been given control of Angturiel in an attempt to get him away from Balfiera. He has no idea that Angturiel isn't in great shape anymore. The MG learns of his arrival in the area and thinks that there must be something special in the ruins to attract a Direnni back after so many years.
* Meet some of the MG members at Angturiel who already rushed there.
* Take one or two of them through the ruin and up to the interior with the Direnni console, where Ciirarril Direnni is residing.
* You can either:
- Help Ciirarril by killing the hostile Nourthu Reachmen in the depths (he tolerates the MG sticking around to inspect the Direnni console) OR
- Kill Ciirarril.
* The Direnni console can be activated by the player after finishing the quest.

Please use the quest prefix Sky_qRe_DSW_MG06_

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Post by Luxray » Mon Jan 20, 2020 1:10 am


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Post by Texafornian » Mon Jan 20, 2020 3:07 am


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Post by Texafornian » Wed Mar 18, 2020 6:32 pm

Luxray gave an update on Discord.

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