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Dragonstar Thieves' Guild Ideas

Post by Kaiel » Sun Nov 03, 2019 9:05 pm

DSTG01: Player talks to Anbod about joining the skyrim TG(bypassed if already a member). They are tasked with stealing 3 Bolts of Moth-Silk from the Ra-Habi Company Hall. Possibly deliver them to the client, Gorelius at the C&E Office.

DSTG02: Dazar and J'Rizar are two Khajiit brothers running the warehouse for DS Bazaar and shops overstock. They have decided to cash out on their business endeavor, and hired the TG to steal the contents of a locked chest with the most expensive goods. The issue is, only the two brothers have keys, so the player must steal one of their keys and break in to make it more believable.

DSTG03: Player is tasked with recruiting new informants/pickpockets for the guild from among the poor and downtrodden of Dragonstar. Most decline, a few accept, and one informs the player that they were offered entry into a gang of thieves led by someone named Dalach, but declined because they wanted to join the guild instead. The player reports back and the new recruit is accepted in as the players protege.

DSTG04: Player, with new recruit in tow, is tasked to find out more about Dalach and his gang. They take the new recruit back to the place they were recruited, to search for clues and help the recruit remember any details about the recruiter. Their investigation eventually leads them to the recruiter, the player distracts the recruiter while the new recruit sneaks in and searches. The recruit returns after a close call, with the recruiters' journal. The journal talks about Dalach having a spy in the Crown Prison and the DSE Vault, and how they will be pulling off a heist that will go down in history. Armed with this new information, the TG wants to figure out what this heist is and co-opt it for themselves while ruining Dalach's plan.

DSTG05: The player is tasked with breaking into the Crown Guard Prison to figure out who Dalach's informant is and turn him in to the Crown Spymaster for a reward. They can find that the log book had been tampered with, a note with orders from Dalach in one of the guard's rooms, but with orders to hide it in another guard's room after reading it. Upon further investigation, it turns out the guard actually kept it in his own room so anyone who found the note would think he was framed. The player alerts the Spymaster of the infiltrator, who is taken in for interrogation. He reveals the heist is planned to steal the orichalcum weapons in the DSE vault and frame DSW, leaving them free to run off and sell them in Hammerfell for an insane price. They counter-offer to buy them from the guild if they pull off the co-opt heist, for a healthy price.

DSTG06: Meanwhile, the recruit has managed to obtain a pair of DSE Guards' uniforms. The player and recruit are tasked with donning the uniforms and infiltrating the Palace and Vault, and stealing the Oricalc weapons before Dalach's gang. They must pretend to be guards, interact with other guards, etc in order to reach the vault. When the player enters the vault, however, the recruit locks it behind them, trapping them. They turn out to be Dalach, and the inside man is dead in the cell, having already stashed the weapons elsewhere. The revealed Dalach taunts the player about how easy they were manipulated into being Dalach's fall guy. He leaves, and the player must escape the room using items found inside. On the dead spy, they find a note marking the location of the stash. When the player reaches the stash, depending on how long it took them to get there, it either is intact, the player recovers the weapons, or it's already been looted and they now have to steal them back from Dalach before he escapes. Luckily, this will be difficult now that the guards are on high alert looking for the thief and murderer.

DSTG07: Only available if the player did not reach the stash quick enough in DSTG06. The player must find Dalach, clues are gathered by asking the informants the player recruited in DSTG03. They eventually give the player enough information to deduce Dalach's hiding place. PC must sneak in, steal the weapons, and get back out. If they are caught they have to fight Dalach, but otherwise they get away and the TG discreetly sets up the guards to discover Dalach and take him down for the theft.(Should I add a breather normal stealing stuff quest between 04 and 05 as Gnomey suggested)

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Post by Texafornian » Sun Nov 03, 2019 9:26 pm

Looks good to me.

This part needs to keep intervention/recall in mind (possibility that the player escapes without using the tools):
He leaves, and the player must escape the room using items found inside.
rotoun's script that checks for passing of hours rather than days should be useful for this part; I think it's in T_D;
DSTG07: Only available if the player did not reach the stash quick enough in DSTG06.

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