Roscrea Flora Discussion

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Roscrea Flora Discussion

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A thread to discuss Roscrean flora; statics and containers, which ones to use where etc.

Container plants:

Goldshield Lichen - Flat lichen similar to greenshield lichen
Elk Moss - Grey/white lichen similar to reindeer moss
Blood Lichen - Red lichen
Shor’s Beard - Teal, bushy/hairy long lichen
Wolf Lichen - Black, bushy lichen
King’s Candle - Teal lichen similar to pixie cup lichen
Dagger Grass - Hardy grass clusters
Winter Nettle - A pale green bush with leaves similar to nettles
Troll’s Cup - Orange cuplike fungi inspired by elfcups
Crowberry - Same as IRL plant; a low heather bearing blackberries
Dwarf Rowan - Same as IRL plant or greenland rowan
Frostgale - A type of gale or myrtle suited to cold weather
Liverwort - A IRL plant similar to moss
Roscrean Orchid - Inspired by Greenland orchids

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