DSW: The Baker and the Bread Thief [Unclaimed]

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DSW: The Baker and the Bread Thief [Unclaimed]

Post by Texafornian » Wed Jan 15, 2020 4:48 am

From roerich:

Alek, the baker in DSW, asks you to catch a thief who stole a sack of bread. He says they chased them and saw them run towards the refugee caverns under the city. When the player finds the sack hidden somewhere, the scared thief will forcegreet when the player takes the bread (new unique "Sky_qRe_DSW04_Bread" ingredient) inside, claiming hunger and poverty. The player can either:

1. Lead them to the guard barracks to be arrested. (Minor gold reward for bringing in a criminal. Disp loss for Redguard factions)
2. Return the bread but promise to tell Alek that you just found the sack stuffed in an alley somewhere. (Disp boost thief, 5 pieces of bread reward)
3. Offer to pay the baker for the bread (40 gold, highlighting their poverty (and tes iii's broken economy)) (disp boost Redguard factions, no reward from baker)
4. Lie and say you couldn't find neither bread nor thief. (No reward, disp boost thief)

Extra Credit: If the player has generic SHOTN bread in their inventory, present one more option where the player can tell Alek that they already have the bread, which pisses him off (disp loss but can continue the quest).

Please use the prefix Sky_qRe_DSW04_ for everything.

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