Colovian Highlands Region

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Colovian Highlands Region

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WIP region guide for the Colovian Highlands
A range of hills, mountains and plateaus along Cyrodiils's western border. The land is rough and inhospitable, featuring vast cliffscapes, ravines, and rock formations sculpted by the western winds. The lower slopes feature sparse growths of thorn bushes and scraggly olive trees. The climate is dry and hot, rain falls seldom. Though the Highlands are not a real mountain range, the highest peaks do catch some seasonal snowfall, feeding into several fast, dangerous rivers. Besides a couple of major cities to the north, most Highlanders live in isolated and poor villages, focused on mining and logging. The higher cliffs feature the archetypic fortresses of the Colo-Nordic lords.

Terrain Objects:
- T_Cyr_TerrRockCH_** (common rocks)
- T_Cyr_TerrRockCHG_** (uncommon grass covered rocks)

Static Flora:
- T_Cyr_FloraCH_Grass_** (groundcover, not necessary to place yourself)
- T_Cyr_FloraCH_Shrub_**
- T_Cyr_FloraCH_Tree_**
- T_Cyr_FloraCH_TreeBush_**
- T_Cyr_FloraCH_TreeLog_**
- T_Cyr_FloraCH_TreeShrub_**
- T_Cyr_FloraCH_TreeStump_**
- T_Cyr_FloraGC_TreeOlive_**
- T_Cyr_FloraHL_Tree_02 (rare)
- T_Cyr_FloraWW_Bush_01

- Sound_Rocks00 (in very steep and rocky areas)

Container Plants:
- T_Cyr_Flora_Inkwood**
- T_Cyr_Flora_Fig**
- T_Cyr_Flora_Bloodlill01 (rare)
- T_Cyr_Flora_Mandrake01
- T_Cyr_Flora_Motherw01
- T_Cyr_Flora_DryadSad** (rare)
- T_Glb_Flora_Milkthist01 (North, mostly)
- T_Cyr_Flora_Apple** (rare, cultivated in lowlands)
- T_Cyr_Flora_Siyat01 (rare)
- T_Cyr_Flora_Spikerice**
- T_Glb_Flora_Blackberr**
- T_Glb_Flora_Fennel01
- T_Cyr_Flora_Stinkhorn01 (maybe?)
- flora_heather_01 (an optimized version should be made)
- T_Glb_Flora_Hemlock_**

Ground Textures:
- T_Cyr_TerrDirtCH_01
- T_Cyr_TerrFarmlandCH_01
- T_Cyr_TerrGrassCH_01-02
- T_Cyr_TerrGrassDirtCH_01
- T_Cyr_TerrGrassRockCH_01-02
- T_Cyr_TerrGravelCH_01
- T_Cyr_TerrRoadDirtCH_01 (minor roads)
- T_Cyr_TerrRockCH_01
- T_Imp_SetCH_TxCobbleStone_01 (major roads)

Vertex Color (currently identical to the gold coast one):
- Light gray for ground texture transitions: 168, 168, 168.
- Dark gray for statics on land: 88,88,88.
- Semi-dark gray for statics on the seafloor: 121, 121, 121.

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