Fenbru: Disappearances in Fenbru [Locked]

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Fenbru: Disappearances in Fenbru [Locked]

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Locked until the Markarth section file is ready for quest development.

Local farmers in Fenbru have been waking up and discovering that their livestock are missing. One Reachman, left for Athon Legion Fort late in the afternoon with a delivery, but hasn't returned. His sister fears that whatever's been taking the livestock has grabbed him, too. The local Reachman detachment in the watchtower, loyal to Markarth, is either too busy or doesn't care. They could think that the brother might have simply run off to become a mercenary as many other young Reachmen have done lately.

If the player asks around in Fenbru about the disappearances, they hear some stories about the missing livestock and strange activity around the ruins of Sjorgad on the hill to the west of town. Upon entering the ruins, the player encounters a number of hostile goblins and finds the Reachman alive in the jail cell. The player can either offer to escort the Reachman (to either Fenbru or Athon Legion Fort) or send him to Athon via a scroll of divine intervention.

If the player brings the Reachman back to Fenbru, then the sister gives a reward. If the player brings the Reachman to Athon Legion Fort via escort or divine intervention, then the player can receive a reward from both the sister in Fenbru and the brother at Athon. The latter ending shouldn't be overtly telegraphed to the player and should simply be hinted at as a option for those players paying close attention.

Please use Sky_qRe_FE01_Journal for the quest ID and Sky_qRe_FE01_ for everything else.

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