ALPHA 0.1.2 Released!

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ALPHA 0.1.2 Released!

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Version 0.1.2 of the Lyithdonea alpha was released on the Nexus and has been voted File of the Month!


Here is the changelog to date:

Version 0.1.2
Tweaked the starting area where you get off the ship from Sadrith Mora
Removed duplicate NPC references
Removed a duplicate script reference
Fixed, optimized, and added collision to a large quantity of meshes – thank you, Abot for your help!
Version 0.1.1
Optimized textures (file size reduced by ~220 mb)
Added bounding box to Wyvern
Fixed missing textures on several meshes
Fixed collision on several meshes (bug fix incomplete)
Fixed pixelated piranha texture
Fixed Darkwood armor pauldrons
Version 0.1.0
Initial release

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